Steetley Minerals now has more specimens available than ever with September seeing the largest update since first being on the Net as long ago as 2001.  There is still a strong emphasis on specimens from Derbyshire and the English Midlands with further additions from the collections of Ray Richardson and Alan Wardman : -


Ray Richardson collection.

PyromorphiteRay, a collector based in Nottinghamshire started collecting in the 1970s and was particularly interested in Derbyshire and ore minerals of Cornwall building up a particularly fine collection of cassiterite specimens from the South-west of England.   He was active when it was possible to collect at locations such as at Calton Hill, and regularly visited Moor Farm, Masson Hill, and Fall Hill quarries along with Ladywash mine, his collection being particularly strong in material from these places.


His cassiterite collection consists of around 100 specimens from unusual locations across Cornwall and Devon, complimenting those from more well-known mines. He was an accomplished draughtsman, drawing many sketches of mining and quarrying scenes, contributing articles to the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals. He with his wife ran the gift shop for a time at Crich Tramway museum.


Alan Wardman collection

AurichalciteAlan, based in Derbyshire, spent his working life in the quarrying industry and because of this was uniquely placed to collect, his collection containing many fine Derbyshire specimens. These included ones from Tearsall, Moor Farm and Masson Hill quarries on Bonsall Moor, Golconda mine at Brassington, Arbor Low and Fall Hill quarry near Ashover.  Any Derbyshire Oakstone specimens he acquired were subsequently hand polished to bring out the structure. Along with Ray Richardson, he was involved in digging out some of the old lead workings and was a very good field collector.

These are complimented with specimens from various recent small acquisitions, previously collected material and some from the collections of Gordon Todd and Shirley Adrian.


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